Sacred Salutation is

a universal practice and way of caring for the spiritual wellbeing of our world

Our Journey of Sacred Salutation Is

Is Healing

sacred salutation is nourishing the space of healing for one another as unique spiritual lives on our distinctive and shared paths of becoming and being

Is Creative

sacred salutation is realizing and caring for the creative potentials and gifts each of us are here to cultivate and share with our united commons

Is Understanding

sacred salutation is bringing loving understading to our relationships with loved ones, our youth, our elders, our diverse communities, our past histories and our future gerenerations

Is Freedom

sacred salutation is standing for our universal values, choosing to care for our world and embodying our freedoms for the wellbeing of every evolving life

Is Transformation

sacred salutation is the power to learn, grow, change and transform ourselves, our communities, our ways of experiencing the world and the structures and systems that care for our evolving consciousness

Is Playful

sacred salutation is a continual adventure of youthful play, wonder, learning, rediscovering, enjoying our loved ones, living nature and interworldy universe as kindred spirits

Is Sharing

sacred salutation is recognizing our shared commons, giving and receiving abundantly with one another and caring for the needs, dreams and potentials of our interdepenent communities

Is Kindredship

sacred salutation is honoring each other, celebrating our kindred origins, natures and friendships and assiting the spiritual presence within ourselves, our families, our cities, our nations, our communities of nature and our living Earth on our journeys of evolving together

Is Abundant

sacred salutation is realizing and sharing in the abundance of inner and outer realities, resources and lives

Is Being

sacred salutation is a pathway and ongoing adventure of embodying our presence and enlivening our purpose through all facets of our lives


Sacred Salutation is a universal art, science and way of
realizing, invoking and circulating the spiritual energies of our society and being

– – – – – – –

With every sacred salutation we make –

with our sacred recognitions, our sacred intentions, our sacred words, our sacred actions, our sacred rituals, our sacred endeavors, sacred choices and our sacred being –

we contribute to building our spiritual commons and circulating the life-sustaining energies of spiritual kindredship in our hearts, around the lives of our loved ones, on the streets of our neighborhoods, throughout the lands of our nations and for the commons of our Human and Planetary life. 

Learn, grow, heal and help others on our way of spiritual being
through the universal art and science of sacred salutation.

“together we can heal, uplift and spiritualize our our world one sacred salutation at a time”


Meaningful Convening

dialogue and convening building mutual trust, solving challenges and strengthening our spiritual commons

Collaborative Studies

studies and research on spiritual foundations, impacts and tools of the art and science of sacred salutation

Universal Salutation

growing a living network of world citizens and changemakers employing sacred salutation to transform our world


Sacred Salutation 
We Care For The Energy Of















Our Future


Help Us Bring Sacred Salutation To Life

Our work of bringing Sacred Salutation to the world is fueled by dedicated kindred spirits and world citizens who recognize the value of this work, love our shared Humanity and endeavor to create a bright future for our word.


Dear, Kindred Spirit.

Thank you for hearing and responding to the call of caring for the spiritual wellbeing of our world.

I invite you to be a dedicated patron generously aiding our work. If you have questions about giving or being a major patron of our mission, please contact us at:

We are each being called to do all we can to come together for the healing and helping of our communities in need, our spiritual commons and our awakening world.

Kaisan | custodian of sacred salutation

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“we can heal our society and transform our world one sacred salutation at a time” 


Together, we’re building the foundations of our spiritual commons.

So many of the tensions, strains and struggles we’re experiencing in our lives and society are symptoms and symbols of the hearts of our being seeking to be recognized, loved, valued and related with as unique kindred spirits of our one humanity and one world.

If you’re called to learn more about the art and science of sacred salutation or contribute to our endeavor, we invite you to be in touch.